A Little Water Saved by Brian Lo


A Little Water Saved by Brian Lo

With this rich and beautiful illustration, graphic designer Brian Lo shows us that drops of water saved can make a sea of difference.

“The concept was to visualise the old saying “many a little makes a mickle”. The illustration of piping was a means of connecting households together to collect water in a reservoir,” says Brian. “I wanted to encourage people of any age to make a habit of saving water so that others can benefit from what has not been used. In my design, the flow of water from top to bottom results in a clean pond of drinking water in which nature’s beautiful creatures can enjoy.”


Because small actions amount to huge savings. We could each save 8,760 litres of water a year by turning off the tap while we brush our teeth. If your whole street did the same, you could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool each year.


Well, if you have to know how, all you need to do is visit this site that shows you over 100 ways how.



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