Heat Without Heating by Clementine Jones


Heat Without Heating by Clementine Jones

The weather has turned. Your home is getting chilly. You want to be warm. What do you do? Illustrator Clem Jones has a suggestion, and has created a poster to inspire us to put on our jumpers rather than out heating.

“I wanted to give a sense of a warm home that was totally independent of artificial heating,” says Clem. “Wallpaper has always given me a ‘cosy’ feeling and I wanted to draw comparisons between physical warmth and the feeling of ‘homeliness’. It’s a real waste of energy to turn up the heating when the human body is fully capable of heating itself (with the help of an extra layer or two of clothing) so there’s no need for a radiator to do what a jumper can do better.”


Because heating and cooling accounts for more than half of our ludicrously expensive energy bills, which now average £1,267 a year in the UK. It’s also crazily inefficient, with nearly two thirds of heat leaving our homes through the walls and roof. So jumpers beat heating every time.


If you need some wool in your wardrobe you can buy (or sell) secondhand clothes at preloved. If you have layered up and you are still shivering, here’s some sound advice on how to equip your home for winter.



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