Unplug Yourself by The Wooden Truth


Unplug Yourself by The Wooden Truth

The Wooden Truth is a small letterpress studio based in Lewes, East Sussex run by graphic designer Andrew Chapman. To encourage us to live a life less electric, Andrew has created a design using only old wood type, which he hand inked and hand rolled, then scanned and adjusted in Photoshop.

Click here to see more images of the type and the original poster.

“We all leave things on. All the time,” says Andrew. “But we’re particularly bad with computers. Even when they’re sleeping, our connection with them remains live. We’re still on. We’re plugged in. I wanted my poster to do two things. One: to encourage people to simply switch off and two; to encourage them to learn to love the things that don’t require a computer again. Like hand-printing woodtype posters. Or knitting. Or reading. Or thinking. Or any of those things we used to do before the internet beckoned us in. Back when we had the space to breathe.”


Switching off and unplugging at the end of the day will not only save you money and valuable resources, it will also give you the time to do something else – more natural, more calming, more rewarding.


Learn to unplug yourself. Take more time each day to be energy-free. Do something that doesn’t require your laptop, your phone, your tv, your car. Take a breath. Find an energy-free pastime. Do something you did before you had a computer.



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