Softer Slower by Huntley Muir


Softer Slower by Huntley Muir

Su and Donna, the two halves of artist duo Huntley Muir, have painted a poster that encourages people to be more tender on the accelerator.

“We decided to cut our speed by 10 miles an hour to save fuel and cut pollution and noise. It really works – we do use less fuel, it’s safer, less stressful and we don’t even notice the difference. And we are below the legal speed limits as well. Such goody two shoes.

Our idea was to make slowing down look sexy instead of finger wagging by using the image of a woman’s foot on the pedal so often used in movies to convey noirish femme fatale sexiness & danger with a reverse message so to speak.”


It’s no surprise that greenhouse gas emissions from transport contribute significantly to atmospheric degradation (around 27% of the total) yet you would be shocked to hear how simple vehicle maintenance and attention to your style of driving can improve your fuel-efficiency.


Eco-driving best practice appears to be shrouded in mystery. Learn how to boost your fuel-efficiency and save a small fortune on petrol.



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