Our motto is Creativity vs Climate Change.


Our product is a feed of beautiful, subversive and delightful inspiration made by great creative talent from around the world.


Our aim is to inspire as many people as possible to live in a less selfish, less consumptive, more imaginative and more sustainable way.


Try it. You might even like it.



We are a public service for the planet founded in 2007 by Andy Hobsbawm and Naresh Ramchandani, two friends with backgrounds in online and offline communications. In the seven years since we launched, our posters, films, podcasts and products have reached over 21m people in 209 countries/territories around the world. Research conducted by Hall & Partners tells us that we’ve inspired our subscribers to save 2.5 times more CO2 than they otherwise would have.




Once each week we add a new piece of inspiration to our 52 Posters campaign to keep you full of good (and green) vibrations in your pursuit of a lifestyle that leaves little trace. And every now and again we ramp things up and bring you one poster every day – check out our 23 Posters and 29 Posters campaigns for WWF’s Earth Hour.

Our contributors include world-famous creatives, designers, artists and writers. We’ve had Sir Paul Smith, David Shrigley, Sir Quentin Blake, Neville Brody, David Treacy OBE, Rankin, Vaughan Oliver and Marion Deuchars. We’ve also had posters designs by a host of partners at global design agency Pentagram (where Do The Green Thing is based), including inspiration from Harry Pearce, Angus Hyland, Eddie Opara and Paula Scher.

Each poster inspires people to do one of the actions chosen by Do The Green Thing’s nine environmental advisors – things like going easy on the meat, cycling to work and sharing a shower.

We also power a sustainable inititative called Glove Love, a matchmaking service for the world’s lost and lonely gloves that stops them from ending up in landfill sites. A little creativity is all that is needed to bring a perfectly functional pair of gloves back to life.




So how does creativity inspire us to act? Well, creativity has proved a powerful tool for seducing, provoking and persuading us to drive 4x4s, buy into the latest fashion trends and drink water that comes from the other side of the world. If creative communications have persuaded us to consume in a way that impacts our planet for the worse, then it can be used to inspire us to try out things that have a more positive impact on the environment.




We are always on the lookout for people with a profound, provocative and visually stimulating way of inspiring the world to live more sustainably.

Get hold of our brief, give it a good read and then give it a go. If you have any questions or you’d like share ideas/designs please contact us.




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We’ve produced poster exhibitions for various organisations and events such as the Bank of Tokyo – Mitsubishi, WWF’s Earth Hour (pictured right), the University of Oxford and the Ashden Awards. They have proven to be really effective for starting conversations about sustainability issues in different settings and scenarios. If you’d like to make an enquiry, please contact us.




Glove Love is always in need of keen volunteers to add to the familiar faces that help us out with pairing, stitching, photographing and packaging gloves. If you savour the serene act of sewing, please contact us.

29 Posters Template Final

Posters by Vaughan Oliver, Neville Brody and Sir Paul Smith from our 29 Posters campaign for Earth Hour in March 2014.


Do The Green Thing co-founder Andy Hobsbawm speaking at TED about Creativity v Climate Change

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 13.44.10

Posters by David Shrigley, Paula Scher, Rebecca Charlton and Sir Quentin Blake displayed at the Lightbox Gallery in Woking.



Glove Love is a sustainable initiative by Do The Green Thing and the public that pairs lost gloves to stop them from going to landfill.