Best of British Summer by Roz Woodman


Best of British Summer by Roz Woodman


Recent reports of an August wash-out weather front have been striking fear throughout the country; not August, anything but a bleak, sun-less August, we cry.

The doorstep dwelling heady havens of Spain, Italy and ever-so-exotic Croatia are looking like mandatory holiday destinations, the only possible way to achieve an authentic break.

It seems to come down to the innate sense of ‘wanderlust’ associated with holidays. A word and concept that we commandeered from German in 1902, that over time grew to embody empowerment through relaxation and engagement with different cultural experiences.

With cheap flights and bargain B&B’s on dazzling offer at every turn, the wanderlust idyll is only further cemented in our minds whilst the air-travel free realms within our reach are so often overlooked. With the average 8 hour return flight generating 3-4 tons of C02 per person (the annual average is 12-14)  ‘wanderlust’ is a costly ideal to chase.


What you can do

Redefine your idea of a holiday and do what you do abroad, just not abroad. Gather your strategically picked holiday reads, put together your holiday outfits, and track down the top 10 restaurants in the area and apply them to local destinations.


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