When You Walk by Tom Uglow


When You Walk by Tom Uglow

Tom Uglow, Creative Director at Google, wanted to remind people that good things happen when you ditch the car and walk instead.

“Walking was a really easy choice. I walk. I love to walk. I feel for the people trapped on buses or sitting in cars. We are made to walk, it is so natural it defines natural. We’ve evolved to walk, not to sit, crouch or hunch. Even our minds work better when we walk, it is a pure meditative space, and when you walk you actually get somewhere. So I figure, skip yoga, forget the gym, just walk. Oh, and you save the planet too.”


Reducing the amount of driving you do by just 10 miles a week will save about 500 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.


Walkit.com helps you plan your walking route, as well as containing enough stats about journey times, calories, step counts and carbon savings to please even the most demanding stat-fans.



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