Walking is good for your head by Ben the Illustrator


Walk. Look. Benefit. Repeat by Ben the Illustrator


Walking is good for the environment, putting one foot in front of another rather than firing up an atmosphere polluting engine is not rocket science, the benefits that walking brings are endless and undeniable; your health, happiness, and the air around you will improve with walking.

The next step (excuse the witty word play) we need to make is to swap in walking for those ever-so-seductive 1.5-ish mile car journeys that tempt us daily. If we walked instead it would save 750kg (approx) CO2 per person on an annual basis.

From the perfunctory school module on Walkabout, to John Cleese’s infamous high kick, to MoneySupermarkets eye-catching #EpicStrut, walking is not just a way to get you from a to b, but a canvas on which you can make of what you will.


What you can do

Download your favourite podcast (we have a penchant for Desert Island Discs) or mentally prepare for some unplugged ‘me time’ and make walking the habit. We can’t recommend Walkit.com more, they can help with any route you might need from a scenic jaunt to a smog free shortcut.

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