Stay Grounded by Luis Mazon


Stay Grounded by Luis Mazon


Few things are as exciting as the idea of traveling somewhere else. The promise of epiphany laced travels is a concept spread far and wide by films, books and #nofilter Instagram accounts. But there is little to no time given to the tragi-comic disappointments of disorientation, mid afternoon despair, and lethargy before ancient ruins.

There are many ways to travel. What we so often look for is a state of mind, and with some creativity and imagination you don’t always need to use CO2 heavy means of transport to get there.

Just one return flight from London to New York produces a greater carbon footprint than a whole year’s personal allowance to keep the climate safe (1.2t).

We only get one planet and as Paris approaches it is clear that 2015 is the year of climate change, government heads are finally turning in the right direction, armed with hopeful policies. This is the perfect time to put pressure where it is needed.

What you can do

Use your creativity rather than natural resources to escape to greener pastures.

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