Better by Bike by Ryan Chapman


Better by Bike by Ryan Chapman


We all know that hopping on a bike as opposed to getting into a car is better for the environment, what with cars making up 22% of our CO2 emissions, but the benefits don’t stop there.

If you cycle to work, you are statistically more likely to feel relaxed and hang on to that ever elusive calm state of mind for longer than those who arrive by public transport (slightly sweaty) and those by car (road rage at the ready).

That fresh air and those exercise induced endorphins are all great, but for the financially minded among us, traversing your commute by bike is also a solid investment.  A recent study calculated, in terms of cost to society, that driving a car costs us €0.50/km whereas cycling incurs a whopping €0.08/km. Eureka!

What you can do

Rethink your shorter journeys and see the light, by bike. And for a truly unplugged experience enter our competition to win two tickets to attend Innocent’s off the grid festival.

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