Smug not smog by Moth Collective


Smug not smog by Moth Collective


We hit a new low with a pollution high at the end of last week, the big level 10. With incessant warnings about dirty air forever hitting our middle-of-the-page headlines, only the most severe seem to catch anyone’s attention.

It might not be the greatest concern but air pollution is the cause of around 29,000 deaths in the UK each year, more than traffic accidents and passive smoking combined. When last week’s level 10 hit, even the fit and healthy among us were advised to not overly exert ourselves.

Smog got serious, and so must we. Walking produces no carbon emissions; gives off no city-filling smog; and uses up no precious resources (except your most recent meal).

It’s just about the most natural mode of transport we have.


What you can do:

Over a quarter of all car journeys are under one mile, if you’re picking up those Summer BBQ essentials be smug and take in the scenery, air, time to think, and walk. You can also ramp it up and follow the Healthy Air Campaign and put pressure on the government to implement real change.

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