Night Shine by Jamie Eke


Night Shine by Jamie Eke

Jamie Eke, runner up in our Young Creatives Competition, has created a clever and interactive poster that changes its meaning according to the direction of light. Shine a light on the poster from below and its cut-out tabs reveal a light pollution map of the UK. Turn that ground light off and shine a light from above and the tabs reveal a view of the universe. Jamie said:

“We are losing touch with the night sky thanks to artificial light sources creating ‘sky glow’ over urban areasThis piece aims to instill a sense of the impact of this light pollution as well as a sense of what could be and the power we have to bring about change.”


‘Sky glow’ is the result of overlighting our cities at night. It sounds beautiful but it’s actually bad – it’s the haze of scattered light that looms over populated areas obscuring the pretty views of the stars above. Residential and commercial buildings account for about 45% of UK CO2 emissions. If we didn’t light them through the night it would make the our CO2 emissions lower and our stars clearer.


Join the rest of the world in switching off your lights for Earth Hour next Saturday at 8:30 pm.



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