Share by Marion Deuchars


Share by Marion Deuchars 

Designer and illustrator Marion Deuchars is rallying for us to reduce our water waste at home. Her solution? Share a bath with someone you love.

“I wanted to so something very personal that we actually do as a family,” says Marion. “Sharing one bath works out to use far less water than four showers. If you start with something that’s achievable easily, like using less electricity or water, it can help you take the next step to something more important. Awareness is the key, our planet is going to need all the help she can get.”


Every time we fill the bath we are using up to 200 litres of water just to get clean. That’s more water than most of us would drink in 100 days.


Sharing a tub with your family may not be quite as water-efficient as a short, solo shower, but it certainly brings more laughter and joy. And as the old saying goes, joy shared is joy multiplied.

Join the world’s biggest celebration of our brilliant planet and sign up for Earth Hour on 29 March at 8.30 pm.

You can buy this poster from Easyart as an A2 print (59 x 42 cm) on sustainably-sourced paper using water-based inks for £14.95. Please follow the link to be taken to the Easy Art site. Proceeds go to the Do The Green Thing charity to help sustain the service we provide.


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