Better By Bike by Sir Paul Smith


Better By Bike by Sir Paul Smith 

Today we are delighted to present a poster from a man who needs no introduction, but that won’t stop us from introducing him anyway. Sir Paul Smith is one of the most admired figures in the world of fashion: a style guru, a gentleman and a mad keen cyclist. He has created a piece of heartfelt pro-pedal propaganda featuring one of his own cycles and a message in his own writing: “it’s better by bike”. We agree.


On a bike, you can travel up to 1037 kilometres on the energy equivalent of a litre of petrol? That’s right, up to 1037km. Cycling is the most efficient way of getting from A to B without all the CO2.


For daily information and inspiration around all things to do with cycling, follow these influential spokespeople on Twitter:

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But don’t just follow them, follow their passion and get on a bike.

Join the rest of the world in switching off your lights for Earth Hour this Saturday at 8:30 pm.



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