Vision 2020 by Patrick Bell


Vision 2020 by Patrick Bell


The Driver versus Cyclist Saga; an urban relationship fraught with heady passion, strenuous disappointment and vein popping anger, you need only look as far as the hashtag #bloodycyclists to get a sense of the emotional landscape.

It’s certainly not a new tension, roads have been in action since 4000 BC, co-habited by man/woman, beast and dominated by machine. Yet harmony has not been reached and with cycling and public transport records at their highest and ever increasing, the future of roads is looking to change and not in favour of drivers.

What with cycling saving a third of road space compared to cars and by cutting only 10% of car journeys we can reduce air pollution and save 400 productive life years, it looks as though the days left on four wheels are numbered. Imagine a vision of 2020 without room for cars.


What you can do

Think about what you would like to see in 2020 and use your voice, with governments gathering in force to make many long term plans concerning climate change, all eyes are on our future as Paris approaches.


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