Both Sides by Jonah Ramchandani


Both Sides by Jonah Ramchandani

16-year-old Jonah Ramchandani has made a poster to inspire us to use things up.

“Every day I see countless sheets of paper lying around, half-used, and it makes my blood boil green. Why do so few people bother to remember that each piece of paper has a whole other side on which they can print poems, essays, stories – any number of glorious things?

That’s why I made this poster. Hoping to draw attention to both sides of the page, I used an unfinished sentence to make people wonder what was on the other side.”

Guess what’s on the other side by tweeting @dothegreenthing and hashtagging it #bothsides.


The typical office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year, the equivalent of 72 trees in an average working life. We can save half of them with this simple initiative.


Avoid confusion by putting a sticker on your printer reminding you which way your paper should face as it goes in for a second round of printing. Trust us, it will help a lot.


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