Share by Rose Blake


Share by Rose Blake

Illustrator Rose Blake wants us to save paper and printing by passing books on to a friend, a stranger, a strange friend, or a friendly stranger.

“When I was a student I used to share a flat with a guy called Dan who spent most of his time reading. Even though he read all the time, he didn’t seem to have any physical attachment to his books, and as soon as he finished one would either take it back to the charity shop in exchange for a new one, or pass it on to a friend. I found this ethos really interesting – buy something, use it, take what you can from it, then, instead of putting it on a shelf and never looking at it again, pass it on for someone else to enjoy. I think that this idea could be put to use with more than just books but they are a good place to start!”


Save paper, save money, save space. Also, there’s nothing better than a good book and the best things in life are meant to be shared.


Book-sharing works perfectly in an office. Simply assign a book bin, get your colleagues to fill it with the contents of their dust-gathering book shelves and never pay for a book ever again. If you’ve ditched paperbacks for digital, it’s worth knowing that you can lend your Kindle books to friends too.



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