When It’s Broken by Domenic Lippa


When It’s Broken by Domenic Lippa

Encouraging people to fix things instead of throwing them away was the aim of Pentagram designer Dom Lippa with his poster.

“Solving things that are broken seems to be at the centre of what we as a society need to do. Most of the environmental issues that we are facing are due to our own doing so we need to fix them. It’s basic problem-solving which we as designers have to do every day and we need to apply this attitude to some of the world’s bigger problems.”

“The execution was borne out of the problem. You take the words ‘Fix it’, show them as broken but we all know what the solution would be without literally showing how to solve it. This is a collective problem which we all need to solve. We all know what to do so we should do it.”


In just over a week, the UK produces enough rubbish to fill Wembley stadium. Over half can be recycled.


Got a broken thing that you want to make into an unbroken thing? Then Sugru is just the ticket.



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