Question Mark by Sophie Thomas


Question Mark by Sophie Thomas

For her poster, Sophie Thomas, Co-Director of Design at the RSA, recycled plastic waste to encourage others to do likewise.

“These attractive little pieces of plastic flotsam are testimony to our love of the disposable and attachment to plastic as a wonder material. But they are also an environmental reflux of something we have thrown away and not given any further thought to.”

“All these pieces were part of the estimated 10% of our plastic waste that ends up in the sea; washed in from landfill sites. Plastic should not be in landfill. Use your consumer power to push for change. If you can recycle it do, and if you can’t take it back to the shop and ask why they are selling you something that has to be put in the rubbish. This flotsam is testimony that there is no away.”


The UK produces 31 million tonnes of waste a year, the same weight as three and a half million double-decker buses. And it’s getting worse – every year we produce about 3% more waste than the year before.


For top tips on how to recycle everyday household items, go to Recycle This – but we warn you: you will get addicted.



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