Flowerbed by Kristiina Tuura


Flowerbed by Kristiina Tuura


Everyday Things for Earth Hour day 5, Artist Kristiina Tuura uses waste and abandoned objects to create beautiful pieces that remind us to consume less.

“Some years ago in Mexico, I created my first plastic rubbish installation. It was a chandelier made of hundreds of plastic bottle tops I had collected on the beach.  I started to work on my second chandelier making hilarious flower/animal hybrids using found and collected plastics.

In the first stages the flower creatures stood for fresh air and a healthy planet. Now, when the work is finished and I look at it from the short end of the installation, I see masses of people marching and demanding the right to abundance, diversity and joy. Tomorrow, possibly, I see it from a new angle again.

My installations are my way to deal with plastic pollution. I collect plastic waste wherever I go. I also receive packages from different parts of Finland where I have faithful plastics collectors, it is overwhelming how much waste plastic is out there but this is the message of my piece, to protect our planet and waste less.”

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