Turn It Off by Matt Dyson and Jon Oakes


Turn It Off by Matt Dyson and Jon Oakes


Apart from those of us recently defrosted from cryogenic sleep,  we all know we’re meant to turn lights off. But sometimes we forget about our other late-night electricity drainers and the damage they can do.


TV’s, computers, DVD players, Hi-Fi’s, dishwashers and washing machines for example. All great things when we’re using them, but when we’re done with them they often sit idly in standby mode, quietly eating up around £740 million worth of energy a year and causing more than four million tonnes of extra carbon emissions.


The solution to this is amazingly simple: if it’s not being used, turn it off. And if you need to turn a light on, remember to turn the darned thing off afterwards.


 What you can do:

Save yourself and the planet some strain by turning everything off apart from your computer or mobile, then, go to the Earth Hour website and sign up for the world’s biggest switch off on 28th March.


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