Use Both by Theo Inglis


Use Both by Theo Inglis


From the back covers of books, to the concealed designs on the sole of our shoes, we’re fascinated with the hidden side of things.

But when printing on paper we’re horrendously front centric, leaving the back side woefully bare. It’s a gigantic waste of trees, energy, and the potential of a wonderful canvas.

Ticking the ever-elusive ‘print on both sides’ box might seem unimportant, but when you take into account that the UK’s 10 million offices churn out 80 million tonnes of waste paper every year, the scale of the problem becomes clear.

So, next time you are hovering over the print button, remember that each of us goes through four 40ft trees worth of paper every year, and that we really don’t have to. Then take a minute to make sure you’re printing on both sides, or better yet, whether you need to print at all.

What you can do:

Spread the word by adding a line to your email signature reminding the receiver to print on both sides, and, if you absolutely must have a hard copy, make sure your paper has a FSC certification.

To read our interview with the brains behind FSC head here.

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