Simple As Tap by Kyril Edlin


Simple as tap by Kyril Edlin


It’s the soft drink sold more than fruit juice or fizzy drinks. Bottled water mania is an ever growing habit fuelled by health concerns, taste, excellent marketing and, lets be honest, pure and simple laziness.

Faced with the facts, where tap water is certified drinkable there are no magical health benefits to bottled water and the taste factor comes down to personal palettes, the bottled water argument is looking pretty weak. This coupled with the heavy carbon impact from the packaging alone is reason enough to stop,  but you’re looking at an extortionate 82.8g of CO2 per half-litre bottle.

It’s a one sided relationship, with the ever enticing bottling of water costing us between 500 and 1000 times more than the old stay-at-home tap alternative and costing the planet irreconcilable resources.


What you can do

Be organised, be-e-organised. Get yourself a refillable bottle and take that two minute window pre leaving the house and make use of your tap. It’s simple as tap.

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