One Less Flush by Nitesh Nagrath and Lizzie Reid


One Less Flush by Nitesh Nagrath and Lizzie Reid


It’s World Toilet Day. Which means it’s time to talk toilet.


In the UK, we flush away almost two billion litres of fresh water every day, sending almost a third of our total water supply down the U-bend. It’s a squeamish topic that might make you blush, but with each household letting off 5000 flushes every year, it amounts to bare-arsed negligence.


To inspire you to flush less, we’d like to present a poster which was inspired in turn by the University of East Anglia’s #gowiththeflow campaign. They’ve calculated that, if the university’s 15,000 students used showers rather than toilets to find occasional relief, they could save enough water in a year to fill 26 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


So, next time you’re in the shower, hold your head high and pee with pride for the planet.


What you can do


Find out how you can make your toilet more efficient, then visit the World Toilet Day sites and become a conscientious non-flusher.

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