The Bucket Board by Mac Premo


The Bucket Board by Mac Premo


Everyday Things for Earth Hour day 13, skateboards made from waste out of a tip by the brilliant Mac Premo.

“When the good folks at WWF and Do The Green Thing asked me to contribute to this year’s Earth Hour campaign, I was obviously excited to participate. When they told me that the idea was to feature stuff created out of repurposed material, I thought, well, throw a dart in my studio and you’ll hit repurposed material, be it art or the shelf that art sits on.

Last summer I discovered Sanford Shapes, a local manufacturer operating as basically a passion project. The boards they make are stunningly beautiful, a marriage of art, skating and woodworking.  So I emailed them, and was received as a fellow maker by Don Sanford with open arms. to his master operation, all out of his garage. When the Everyday Things challenge was presented to me, it was a matter of minutes before I called Don and asked if there was a way that we could somehow make skateboards out of trash.

The result is The Bucket Board, a collaboration between myself and Don.

The top and bottom layers are made out of splayed 5 gallon buckets, and the interior laminated layers are made out of reconstituted discarded plywood. Literally, the entire deck is made out of stuff pulled out of a dumpster.

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