See the world by bike by Eve Lloyd Knight


Nature’s Machine by Eve Lloyd Knight


The bike – a mean, green two-wheeled transport machine, a right of passage for every five year old and an essential parental escape route for sneaky teenagers. It’s also an overlooked environmental hero, as the only form of popular transport that is a true friend to our planet.


It’s easy to make a difference on a bike. Road transport accounts for 22% of the UK’s carbon emissions and yet half of the car journeys made in the UK are less than five miles.  Not only are these journeys the easiest to walk or cycle, but they are also the least fuel efficient when taken by car.


But environmental arguments aside, cycling is also the best way to gain new, sumptuous views into our cities. It is the only machine that brings us closer to nature whilst leaving no carbon footprint. It is a win win-option. The talented artist behind this poster, illustrator Eve Lloyd Knight says “I wanted my illustration to reflect the feeling I have cycling through Victoria park on my way to work and back – fingers crossed someday the rest of the journey can be as green and peaceful!”


What you can do:

Rethink your journeys that fall under five miles, using your bike (or Boris’s if you’re bike-less in London) where possible, and if you still need convincing, read this romantic tale from an American bike trip.

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