Pull the plug by Matt Dyson and Jon Oakes


Pull the plug by Matt Dyson and Jon Oakes


Plato had a point when he created the concept of Akrasia, the state of acting against ones best judgement: proved every time a television is left on standby or a phone charger is abandoned by the bedside.


With the infamous issue of ‘climate change’ taking centre stage as we approach the talks in Paris, the media is closing in on the undeniable consequences of not making changes. The most recent report puts it into alarming perspective, with one in six plant and animal species becoming extinct if climate change is left to continue unabated.


With great knowledge comes great responsibility, we have a responsibility to our planet and those we share it with to do all that we can to keep it safe.


What you can do

Get yourself some good habits and unplug as you go, simple as that. And as the climate change murmur reaches new heights let’s use our collective power to steer the government in a greener direction with the Keep It In The Ground campaign run by Alan Rusbridger and The Guardian.



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