M.A.T.S by Hudson-Powell


M.A.T.S by Hudson-Powell


Everyday Things for Earth Hour, Day 3, creative team Hudson-Powell, formed in 2005 by brothers Luke Powell and Jody Hudson-Powell talk us through their design for the collection.


“Children are often just as happy playing with boxes, bottles and cartons as they are with pre-fabricated toys.

M.A.T.S. (Material Agnostic Toy System / Monkeys Aboard Tremendous Spaceships) is a stencil system designed to encourage imaginative up-sampling. Included on the stencil are all the bolts, wheels, dashboards, and antenna needed to decorate robot, rocket and vehicle creations.

M.A.T.S. requires no USB5000, WiFi or gigaflop downloads, all you need is some pens an old box and a little person to make it come alive.”

See these robots come to life for Earth Hour here

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