Pedal for Pleasure by David Holcroft


Pedal for Pleasure by David Holcroft

We are delighted to have teamed up with One Minute Briefs for a series of monthly Do The Green Thing briefs, where we will be asking our shared community to create adverts for sustainable actions. The winner of our first brief – “make cycling sexy” – was David Holcroft, a designer and design lecturer at Salford City College, who created a sensual and graphic ad to inspire us to saddle up and cycle through beautiful landscapes far and wide. David dropped in to see us at Pentagram yesterday to pick up his prizes and transform his entry into a poster. He said:

“Despite not being an avid cyclist myself, I can appreciate it’s practicality and the impact – or lack of negative impact – that it has on the environment. These are noble sentiments, but far from sexy in my eyes; there’s nothing erotic about dodging traffic in a high visibility vest.

“The appeal of cycling is the freedom you feel when you’re out on two wheels with the world at your mercy. The idea that you can go anywhere and access locations far off the beaten track is exciting; it tugs at our raw human instinct to explore and discover. My solution depicts a lone cyclist lost in an alluring landscape to echo the idea of freedom and entice the viewer to dust off their bikes and find their own slice of heaven.”


Going by your own energy on two wheels gives you a true taste of your surroundings, a sense of liberation and a lust for life. It gets your heart pumping, it gets your blood rushing and it gets you to work without burning fossil fuels.


Now that summer is upon us, pedalling to the park to enjoy some wine in the sunshine is back on the cards, and this recycled bicycle wine rack from Oopsmark is the ultimate accessory to get you prepared for just that.

We’re selling this poster as an A3 print on FSC paper with sustainable ink for £12 plus postage and packing. All proceeds going back to the Do The Green Thing charity.


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