Dear Grandpa by Tom Uglow


Dear Grandpa by Tom Uglow 

Google Creative Lab’s Tom Uglow kicks off our countdown to WWF’s Earth Hour 2014 with, appropriately, a panda. He uses the panda bear as a reminder that many of us will have grandchildren, grandchildren that will have to live with the consequences of the gas-guzzling generations that came before.

I chose public transport because I think it was the right choice when society made the wrong one,” said Tom. “Henry Ford apparently said that if he’d asked us what he wanted (when he was inventing the car) we’d have said faster horses. But it doesn’t make the car the right answer, the right answer is “better buses” or “trains” or even Segways. 

Communal, vibrant, social transport that is good for the environment and good for humans rather than covering the planet in tarmac and incarcerating billions of people in solitary plastic boxes for hours each day. It’s inhumane and it should be abolished.”

“I’m supporting DTGT and Earth Hour because I think it is amazing that DTGT are finding new ways to remind people that we all get to make choices, every day, that affect the environment and our future.”


It’s not just future generations that will suffer from our car cravings. Around 200,000 premature deaths occur each year due to air pollution – in the US alone – with the highest contributor being car emissions.


It’s as easy as leaving your car at home and hopping aboard a bus. It may take a few minutes more to get to the bus stop, but you’ll be helping to make the air cleaner for future little lungs.

Join the world’s biggest celebration of our brilliant planet and sign up for Earth Hour on 29 March at 8.30 pm.



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