Addict by Dan and Ray


Addict by Dan and Ray 

Wieden+Kennedy Creative Directors Dan Norris & Ray Shaughnessy have created a playful poster that challenges us all to own up to our energy addiction, in the hope that we will pull the plug on this destructive behavior.

“When we sat down to think about a poster to get people to unplug their stuff, we decided to list everything in Dan’s home that used electricity,” says Ray.

“This is that list: 2 alarm clocks, 3 bedside lamps, 2 phone chargers, 1 tablet charger, 2 laptop chargers, 1 kettle, 1 fridge freezer, 1 oven, 1 toaster, 1 microwave, 1 blender, 1 washing machine, 1 tumble drier, 1 dishwasher, 1 hoover, 1 handheld hoover charger, 1 boiler, 1 satellite box, 1 plasma screen, 1 games console, 1 broadband wireless router, 1 monitor,  2 speakers, 1 digital radio, 2 table lamps, 1 lamp, 1 hairdryer, 1 razor charger, 1 electric toothbrush charger and 1 nightlight.

It read like a portrait of an electricity addict. So our poster is hopefully the first step to helping others deal with their addiction too.”


We may be in denial about the impact our electrical consumption has on the environment, but the fact is that coal burning is still the main fuel for generating those watts, and the amount used is growing each year. It’s time we all went on a much needed e-tox.


Once you admit you have a problem, you can use this ten-step programme to break the electricity addiction loop.

Join the world’s biggest celebration of our brilliant planet and sign up for Earth Hour on 29 March at 8.30 pm.

You can buy this poster from Easyart as an A2 print (59 x 42 cm) on sustainably-sourced paper using water-based inks for £15. Please follow the link to be taken to the Easy Art site. Proceeds go to the Do The Green Thing charity to help sustain the service we provide.


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