Daylight Savings by Zowie Green


Daylight Savings by Zowie Green


The sun is a handy thing. It rules our circadian rhythms, gives us a sense of wellbeing and provides us with the vitamin D we need to stay healthy and strong.

But the sun is also an important energy-saving device. Summer Time was created to align our clocks to daylight hours and conserve natural resources during the two world wars. And in the Second World War, Britain even enforced a ‘Double Summer Time’, giving us an additional hour of light in the evening.

Recent campaigns like Lighter Later have attempted to bring back Double Summer Time to reduce our carbon footprint and to help create a happier, safer nation. But with or without Double Summer Time, we can still make our own daylight savings.

Next time it’s a little gloomy, pass by the light switch, head for the window, open the curtains or raise the blinds and enjoy the wonder of sunshine.


What you can do: When you’re stuck inside during the day, make an effort to use sunlight to its maximum potential and follow these tips for more ways in which sunshine can conserve energy in your home.


Zowie Green was an entrant in the Creative Conscience Awards.


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