See The City By Starlight by Rebecca Hunter


See The City By Starlight by Rebecca Hunter


We’re trained to fear the shadows, to cower at things that go bump in the night. Our days are a continuous run from the dark, with omnipresent lighting giving each of our waking hours the same artificial glow.


But it’s time for a change of perspective. We need to confront our fears and take on our dependency on bulbs. Flip the switch whenever you leave a room, and if you’re really adventurous, embrace the dark by spending the evening gazing at the stars.


It might seem like a small action, but it has a big effect.  Switching off the lights – like turning the television off at the mains and using cooler washing cycles – helps to reduces emissions from the energy supply sector, which in 2013 produced 178.5 million tonnes of CO2. It’s also a money saver, UK households spend £1.9 billion a year on lighting so flipping your switches is one of the easiest ways to be kind to the planet and your wallet.


What you can do:

Pledge to turn off the lights at Do Nation,  then check out this map to the night sky and get to gazing. 

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