Pencils To The End by Do The Green Thing


Pencils To The End by Do The Green Thing


Everyday Things for Earth Hour day 18 come from our own fair hands, we hope you enjoy.

“We didn’t have to look far to find inspiration for our everyday item; we’d been writing potential ideas with it. A pencil is such a brilliantly simple and useful thing. It’s something that has stayed the same for hundreds of years and isn’t likely to become redundant anytime soon. But we realised that we’d been misusing them. Like so many items now, they are cheap and easy to produce. And this has lead to the bad habit of discarding them far too quickly, only to take a newer, longer one from the pack.

We designed Pencils To The End to give each pencil its individual worth and act as a small reminder that, just like a story, a pencil should reach it’s conclusion before it’s finished.”

Watch the video here or read the story behind these pencils.

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