Cut it out by Remy Nurse


Cut it out by Remy Nurse


Giving up meat is hard to do. But that desperate desire to sink your teeth into a juicy sirloin has a bigger affect on our planet than you might think.


The demand for mass produced meat has tripled and we are running out of land to cultivate it. Aside from staggering green house emissions, the human impact of the meat industry is far reaching. It displaces local communities, causes social unrest and corruption, disturbs rainfall patterns, increases flood risks, contaminates rivers and endangers native species.


Needless to say the meat industry is firing on all detrimental effect filled cylinders. But you can make a difference. Commit to cutting out meat for a day, 2 days, a week, whichever works for you. If every American skipped one meal with meat a week, the CO2 savings would be the same as taking more than 500,000 cars off the roads. Illustrator Remy Nurse wanted to encapsulate how what we eat is linked to our ecosystem.


What you can do: Pledge to eat less meat with the Do Nation, find a vegetarian recipe that fulfils your dinner expectations and effect some serious change.

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