Xcess Box by Michael Wright

Date: October 16, 2013 Category:

Xcess Box by Michael Wright

Spring is here, and it seems a strange band of interior dwellers are emerging from in front of their monitors and game consoles. Blinking in the light of (what we hope is) a new dawn, they have switched off and unplugged and are slowly getting to grips with a thing called ‘reality’…

Still it’s nice to get out….

‘Xcess Box’ features the talents of :

Oliver ‘Sword of Gonan’ Chatham, Marc ‘Grand Theft’ Danbury and Alison ‘Couch Potato’
Carroll. Also featuring : Rik Goldsmith, Kitty Wood and Lily Maryon

Thanks to Tom George, Happy Hour Productions, th2ng, The Coronation Cafe, The Hire Company.

Camera by Richard ‘Golf PGA’ Laing, Chris ‘World Of Warcraft’ Skeene
Edited by Colin ‘Super Mario’ Gardiner,

Written and directed by Michael ‘Zoids’ Wright