Train Track by Michael Wright

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Train Track by Michael Wright

What? Sit bumper to bumper with a bunch of petrol heads listening to 5 Live? Or watch the trees and fields flow by in an unending ribbon of nature that would make Constable pack up his easel and go home? Even the glue factory looks good from a train window…

Railway Photography by Richard Laing

Boiler stoked by Mikko Laiho

Chuggedy-chug music and lyrics by Orlando

Track laid by Coen Dingemans

Scenery edited by Mark Marlow

Sounds of distant trains by Joe Bone & Adam Coombs

Fat Controller – Michael Wright

Thanks to Happy Hour Productions for laying on a Special.

Small Print:

Trains depicted in this film are not to scale and may be smaller than trains in real life.

Do not use the station while the train is in the toilets.