Introducing the Creativity vs. Climate Change Manifesto

For over a decade, Do The Green Thing has used creativity to combat climate change and encourage individuals to live greener lives. 

As creatives, we have a responsibility – and the ability – to persuade people to take action and tackle the accelerating climate crisis.

To kick off Somerset House’s Earth Day programme on 16th April, we hosted a super-sized workshop with creatives and the general public, to co-create a bold, planet-first manifesto for change.

In the 180-minute session, we crowdsourced people’s climate change anxieties and solutions on our listening board, asking them to respond to the following statements:

  • Climate change makes me feel …
  • I blame … for climate change
  • Creativity can tackle climate change by …

The responses ranged from anger to outrage, to hope and to humour. Using the contributions, we then wrote up a manifesto that brought together the voices and experiences of the 85 people who took part.

And here it is – the Creativity Vs. Climate Change manifesto. We’re proud of it. Read it, share it and join the struggle to seize the moment – for a better future for us all. #dothegreenthing