A decade of creativity vs. climate change for free

Over the past decade Do The Green Thing has been many things: filmmaker, poster curator, product commissioner, glove collector, music video producer and now, Issue publisher releasing editorial arguments, illustrations and campaigns every two months.

However we’ve expressed ourselves it has always been in the pursuit of the same goal – to use creativity in its many forms to take on climate change: by asking people to be greener in their own lives, by holding companies, governments or institutions to account and by shedding light on the unsustainable norms of modern life.

Do The Green Thing is built on the generosity of hundreds of illustrators, designers, filmmakers, writers, coders and many other brilliant creatives who have given their time to our cause. In turn, we want to bring that same spirit of generosity our visitors, because the only way that creativity can help save the planet is if people see it. So, with the launch of our new website we’re making all our posters, films and podcasts totally free to download.

Visit our Resources page, search by topic, search by format, search by person, find something that means something to you and take it, we want you to have it.