Walk The Walk by Olivia Knight

Date: October 16, 2013 Category:

Walk The Walk by Olivia Knight

The magic happened in Einstein’s Garden thanks to all the amazing people below:

Ellen Dowell invited us to play at Green Man festival

Orlando Seale and Swell performed Dance Little Man:
Orlando Seale – vocals & guitar
Dan Bull – cello
Sarah Bennington – vocals, flute, & percussion
Katie Bennington – vocals, oboe, & percussion
Patricia Ramirez – viola
Becky Hopkin – viola
Simeon Rodgers – drums
Micky Turkington – bass
Claire Wackrow – violin

Colin Tonks & Ben Skidmore from Electric Pedals powered the perfect gig

George Hider superbly sorted out our sound

Wayne, Sam and Richard from Hawthorn Theatrical who helped with our kit

Angela Spiteri from Sustrans kindly lent us her tent

Helen Redstone and Mike Jones made our lovely signage

Chris Faulds and crew helped us lift wood and get out of mud puddles

Jude Bliss and Chloe Dixon-Goulden filmed the gig

Olivia Knight and Jude Bliss edited our film

Olivia Knight produced this mainly wet, often ridiculous, but always amusing adventure

Thanks especially to all those festival goers who peddled our bikes, powered our music and danced until the sun came out.

And to Julie Landau for the jokes.