The Opposite of Wasted by Michael Wright

Date: October 16, 2013 Category:

The Opposite of Wasted by Michael Wright

We all have skeletons in our cupboards, but we also all have a few dodgy T-shirts from some long forgotten band, or that sales conference in Rotterdam ten years ago. We promised ourselves we’d wear it to the gym, blah, blah, but that never really happened did it?

Now it’s time to dig out that abandoned T-shirt and send it to Green Thing where we will love it, pet it, recycle it, and give it a new home.

Don’t worry, it can be SAVED.

Directing embroidered by Michael Wright
Lighting appliqued on by Stuart Bunce
Standby props buttoned up by Jeff Cliff
T shirts actually sewn by Zoe Quirk
Soundtrack hemmed by Hunter Gatherers
Frames stitched together by Magic Films
Edited by Robert Mila at Th1ng
Music by Orlando Seale and the Swell – visit them at:
Studio from Coen at Coen Dingemans Music Productions

No T-shirts were harmed in the making of this film.