Strange Meeting by Michael Wright

Date: August 22, 2013 Category:

Strange Meeting by Michael Wright

How do you meet people half way round the world, dance in your pyjamas and Stay Grounded? Videoconferencing is the answer, Fay Ripley stars in the very funny Strange Meeting video that shows you how.

Kelly: Fay Ripley

Bob: Daniel Philpott

Gerry: Arril Johnson

Helmut: Marc Danbury

Watanabe: Kinue Kato represented by AJSW

Denise: Lorraine Joseph

Director of photography: Steven Murphy

Additional photography: Richard Laing

Film Editor: Lisa Chan

Music: Michael Mertens at Escape Route

Locations thanks to: Rothschild Bank and The Alphabet Bar

And thanks to all at th1ng and th2ng

Written and directed by: Michael Wright

No flights were taken to make this Green Thing video