Stay Grounded by Point Blank

Date: October 16, 2013 Category:

Stay Grounded by Point Blank

This video was inspired by a trip to Kew on a beautiful day lying in the green grass looking up at the trees and having the peace and the beauty shredded by the obscene amount of planes cutting through the blue sky of London and the hideous noise pollution they created.

We wanted to show the planes leaving, instead of white vapour trails, a more indelible mark on the earth . . . constant scars and reminders of the damage they creating to the earth’s atmosphere.

Then one beautiful crisp clear blue sky morning we headed to West London to film as many planes as we could from every angle and green space we could find around Heathrow Airport. We then set about editing a minute’s worth of planes and graphic lines, ending with a graphic sequence that illustrates the thousands of planes that litter our sky every minute of every day. The icing on the cake was the music by James Yeomans using the Brian Eno I-phone application Bloom – bloody genius! Enjoy.

Written and directed by Steve Wallington with filming, editing and after effects by the multi talented Jim Yeomans. Also a big thank you to Antoine & Stuart @ Point Blank