Lonely Gloves by Paul Rider

Date: October 16, 2013 Category:

Lonely Gloves by Paul Rider

Photographer Paul Rider was so struck by the waste that is lonely gloves. So struck in fact, he was moved to start pointing and shooting.

“I saw the first one hanging on the railings by the crossing at the side off the road. I don’t think it had fallen there; it had been found and put there. When they find a lost glove on the ground, people have an instinct to put it somewhere where it can be seen, rescued and re-paired. I took its photograph.

Over the next few days, as my lonely glove awareness grew, I saw more and more gloves and took more and more photographs. They were in restaurants, in the street, in puddles and on Deal pier. In Tesco’s car park in York they were legion.

There’s always something sad and vulnerable about a lost lonely glove because gloves are meant to be paired for life. It prompts you to ask where the other half is and how they came to be separated.”