Glove Story by Michael Wright

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Glove Story by Michael Wright

The story of a left hand glove and right hand glove in two parts of the world, both single, both able to play piano beautifully – and the rest you can probably figure out.

Glove Story was made possible by the hands of . . .

Director: Michael Wright
Narrator: Emma Thompson
Music: Michael Mertens
Executive Producer: John Doris
Production Manager: Sarah Crisp
Director of Photography: Peter Sorg
Camera & Lighting Assistant: Jamie Arbiter
Unit Driver: Jimbo Eales
Runners: Holly Broughton and Andy Wells
Editor: Billy Mead
Green Thing animation: Tom Baker
Glove Love end graphics: Oliver Smith
Sound Mix: Voiceover Soho
Pianist: Godfrey King

And a big warm hand also goes to . . .

Judy Goldhill
Chris Jupe at Production Drive
George Martin at Arri Focus
Chris Youlton at Arri Media
Billy Mead at TenThree
Abi Adejare at MPC
Tim Webb at Creative Cars & Couriers
The Mission team
All at Mustard