Chip and Bean Buy Nothing by Simone Lia

Date: October 16, 2013 Category:

Chip and Bean Buy Nothing by Simone Lia

Let’s avoid spending money we don’t have on things our loved ones don’t want or need — things that usually end up in landfill. So this year before we start lets just stop. And think about alternative ways to show our love for each other and our planet.

Thanks to:

Simone Lia for giving us her time and talent to write and illustrate the story and also allowing us to work with the two cutest comic book heroes – Chip and Bean

Maya Kurasawa for donating her amazing animation skills to bring Chip and Bean to life on screen and Lee Allen for lending Bean his voice

James Everest for giving us park sounds and a perky little theme tune.

Haydn Secker for editing it all together so perfectly.

And Olivia Knight for sharing the idea and making it happen.

Finally thanks to eatbigfish and Brother Jude for giving us free studio time, tea and biscuits

At lot of love goes a long way…