A Short Sharp Showercast by Various Artists

Date: November 12, 2013 Category:

Lose the leisurely lathering and stop dawdling in the douche – take Short Sharp Showers to save water and CO2 and BO(2). Don’t sing Bohemian Rhapsody (6m), sing a short sharp number by Matthew And The Atlas, The Inner Banks, Blane Lyon, Tom Williams & The Boat, John Hegley, The Meanies, Zeep, or Martin Jones instead.


1. Matthew & The Atlas

Matthew Hegarty – landscape gardener by day, singer of bruised, soulful and brilliant acoustic folk tunes when the sun goes down – washes away the dirt under his fingernails and declares undying love for his shower in 30 seconds flat. And makes “shower” rhyme with “how I”. Utterly awesome.



2. The Inner Banks

A hauntingly beautiful shower serenade from NYC lo-fi, folk-electronica indie artists The Inner Banks. If the Na’vi had a soundtrack to taking Short Sharp Showers in the rainforests of Pandora, it would probably sound like this.



3. Tom Williams & The Boat

Tom Williams of Tom Williams & The Boat knows all about water and uses this cracking new tune to deliver a radical watery point of view – stand in the shower all day, washing’s overrated anyway. Exactly. Many thanks to him and also Guy Denning of The Granary Studios.


4. The Meenies

In only 30 seconds of explosive thrash rock, The Meenies make a profound and excellent point. Just cause you’re naked, don’t mean you gotta shake it. It’s a fair cop. When you can pleasure yourself by saving the world’s water, why do it any other way? Many thanks to Mooncalf Music Studios.



5. John Hegley

Britain’s funniest poet takes off his spectacles, picks up his ukulele, steps into the shower and sings a 33 second ode to the Short Sharp Shower cause. Only Hegley could rhyme shower with flowerpots and that’s exactly what he does.



6. Blane Lyon

Based in the Bay Area, Blane Lyon can usually be found bumping dance clubs with evolutionary electronica or making a stand as a passionate activist. If his rootsy, accoustic, Barbershop harmonies with a Bo Diddley beat can’t make you get out of the shower after 30 seconds then shame on you.



7. Zeep

So you’re in the shower with your loved one and things are getting steamy. Does that mean the shower has to drag on and on? Not according to renowned bossa masters and Green Thing friends Zeep who have created an impeccable slice of Short Sharp Shower chill.



8. Jonesey

Imagine Jacques Brel crossed with Jacques Cousteau and you’re close to Martin Jones‘s affecting love song to the water he wants to save in a Short Sharp Shower. “I want to thank you for giving me a little part of you to wash the little parts of me.” Beautiful stuff – and special thanks to Alfie Thomas for recording and producing it.