An exhibition of Everyday Things for WWF

Everyday Things Simon Elvin

In 2015, we launched ‘Everyday Things’, a collection of 19 objects that we curated with WWF-UK to promote Earth Hour on 28 March.

Submissions came from all around the world and included Mac Premo’s Bucket Board, a skateboard made from five gallon buckets and reconstituted wood sourced from dumpsters; Daniel Weil’s Flower Glass, a vase made from a disused wine glass and hanger; Yair Neuman’s Top Tap, a bottle top is made of brass, chrome, sustainable ceramics and wild rubber that adds a new beauty to old plastic bottles; Marina Willer’s Sketchbox, a set of sketchbooks sourced from Pentagram’s recycling bins; and Ron Arad’s Flat Cap Badges, made from discarded bottle caps, miniature magnets and an ancient fly press, which were sold during the Private View.

What resulted was an inventive collection of objects from world-class designers, artists, communicators and architects that can remind everyone of a very important message, “it’s not just the government and media’s responsibility to take action, it’s all our planet and all our responsibility, these things are an expression of collective action. In the end, these wonderful, beautiful, subversive and wicked pieces are all symbols of the way we need to all need to care, and all need to respond, to the greatest problem of our generation.”

‘Everyday Things’ marked the third time that Do The Green Thing has teamed up with WWF-UK to create a campaign for Earth Hour. In previous years, the campaigns have been posters-based, and featured submissions the great and the great, including Sir Paul Smith, Quentin Blake, Marion Deuchars, Neville Brody, Rankin, and Pentagram partners Marina Willer, Paula Scher, Natasha Jen, Domenic Lippa, Harry Pearce, Abbott Miller and Angus Hyland.

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