7. Why Theresa May’s Brexit means oh shit

There are plenty of ways to choose how you’ll vote on 8 June. You can let the economy guide you, or health, or housing. Or, if you’re a maudlin red-clad countryman, fox hunting.

Or you could vote on the environment (a.k.a. the biggest threat facing humanity), an issue that is inextricably linked to our physical health, food security, homes and planetary future. If you care about any of these things, then there is only one path: Vote against the Conservatives.

Why? Because their environmentally deficient party manifesto includes an entire section in support of fracking but only 237 words about climate change and absolutely no mention of the economic benefits of renewable energy. And because they are hell bent on a hard Brexit which could strip us of the environmental protections that EU membership brings.

A Brexiting Britain led by Theresa May’s Conservatives means oh shit for our planet’s future. That’s why we’re proud to publish Craig Oldham’s brilliant Brexit Means Oh Shit poster. Print it out, stick it up and please, don’t vote Tory.

Download ‘Brexit Means Oh Shit’ here.

We’re not the only ones who want to stop the Tories, and thank goodness for that. In fact, the boffins at the Progressive Alliance, Tactical 2017 and stopthetori.es have all made guides on how to get the Conservatives out of your area. Choose a link, type in your postcode and get voting.

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