By Do The Green Thing

Ungifted is the global alternative to the billions of unwanted gifts we send each other every Christmas. Choose who you want to Ungift, personalise their Ungift Card and hit Send to spare them, and the planet, from vast piles of needlessness.

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Dear ,

You have been Ungifted this Christmas. Yes you, specifically.

has decided that you are worth more than a hastily bought and poorly thought out gift like a that will sit neglected in a corner, steaming in its own uselessness and gathering dust.

Your Ungifter is saving you from mass-produced junk, and all the needless waste that goes with it. Instead, they are offering you their charisma and company in the form of Lucky you.

By giving you time instead of tat, is kindly bringing you a different type of Christmas. One in which you won’t have to pull your disappointed present face or needlessly add more gumpf and bumpfh to our tragically waste-filled planet.

Welcome to the Ungifted. Oh, and Merry Christmas.

Do The Green Thing


Your Ungift Card is on its way! Well done you.

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